Commercial Concrete Contractors

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Commercial Concrete Contractors


Concrete curbing is used to keep tree roots from damaging parking lots and cars from driving through areas that need protection, in addition to holding back landscaping. Rugged Nashville Concrete Contractors provides various types of curbing such as extruded, curb and gutter, valley gutter, f curb, and modified d.


Pedestrian sidewalks are broom finished for slip resistance. To create these walkways, which are usually 4” thick, the grass and dirt are excavated then the sides are formed out before the concrete is poured.


For dumpster pads, generators, and loading docks, 4-8 inch concrete slabs are poured, then rebar or wire mesh is used for added support. 


To protect certain structures such as storefronts, and pedestrian areas from vehicles, Rugged Nashville Concrete Contractors installs steel pipe bollards. These are usually 4, 6, or 8 inches in diameter and stick 4 inches out of the ground. The base and bollard are both filled with concrete which is either painted yellow; or, the bollard is covered with a plastic cover.

Commercial Concrete Service Examples

Concrete Demolition

Grade Beams

Concrete Walkways

Concrete Parking Lot

Concrete Ramps

Rebar Placement

Concrete Sidewalks

Concrete  Pads and Pits

Concrete Loading Docks

Concrete Structural Slabs

Retaining Walls

Housekeeping and Equipment Pads

Concrete Forming

Concrete Dock-Levelers

Concrete Saw Cutting