Retaining Walls

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Concrete Retaining Walls

A property’s foundation can be impacted by winds and rain throughout the year. Soil erosion is especially an issue if it occurs because it can weaken the foundation of a building and present various challenges for homeowners and property owners, including making it more difficult to maintain attractive landscaping. 

What is a retaining wall?


A retaining wall is a simple structure made of concrete or stone that is built on your property for the purpose of keeping rocks, soil, hardscaping, and landscaping features in their intended place. It is a budget-friendly and practical solution to soil erosion, and when made from concrete, these walls are weather-resistant, long-lasting, and attractive.


Sometimes your landscape needs extra support, so retaining walls are installed to prevent the soil from washing downhill. Not only do retaining walls help improve the appearance and longevity of your property, but they make it safer and can even protect you from unnecessary lawsuits.


Solve your problems with retaining walls

You may be unsure as to whether your property could use a retaining wall, or have been wondering more about what they are and their benefits. In either case, here is a list of the advantages of adding a concrete retaining wall to business property or home:


If your property sits at the top or bottom of a hill, there is a higher risk for soil erosion due wind and rain. Even the slightest amount of weathering against a small mound or hill can lead to serious damage. Unchecked erosion can:

  • Cause mudslides and landslides
  • Move rocks and soil to areas where they would block critical parts of your property
  • Cause moisture damage and block drainage systems
  • Weaken the structural integrity of your property

A retaining wall keeps your soil in place so it will not wash away.



The Nashville area can experience rainy weather year round, so it’s important for homeowners to be prepared for flooding on their property. Retaining walls can help by:


  • Preventing excess moisture from pooling in the low areas of your property
  • Acting as a barrier that prevents flooding
  • Directing water flow away from your home or business


Soil erosion doesn’t only impact your property but if you have a slope on your property it could cause damage to your neighbor’s property as well, in which case you would be legally responsible for it. Some municipalities levy big fines against property owners who do not maintain their space properly. It’s also important to remember that you can be held legally responsible for any injuries that occur on your property.


In sum, retaining walls are more than worth investing in to prevent problems that can lead you to being legally liable.



Retaining walls enable you to get more use out of your land, which is great for those whose properties have hilly areas and steep slopes.


Here is how retaining walls can help:

  • Retaining walls will prevent water and soil runoff from seeping into any large, flat areas that you want to dig out and build upon 
  • Retaining walls will enable you to have flat (terraced) areas for your flowers and plants
  • If you have retaining walls, spaces can be carved out for outdoor seating, walkways, gardens, patios, and other features.



You can have a retaining wall that adds dimension to your property and looks attractive – it’s not just about functionality. Beautiful materials such as stone and brick can be used to build your retaining wall, as well as decorative concrete that can mimic the appearance of these materials and more. The walls can also include decorative features including statuettes, columns, and spaces for planting flowers. 


We’re here to help inform you of all the possibilities so you can start dreaming up a beautiful and functional property. 



When you have retaining walls on your property, you won’t have worry about as much maintenance or clean-ups from:


  • Damaged or fallen landscaping features
  • Sinkholes
  • Rotting structures or ones that have been eaten away due to excess moisture
  • Collapsed soil and mud

A retaining wall is a worthy investment when it comes to a solution that looks great and keeps maintenance low on your property consistently over time. 


With other materials available to choose from for your retaining wall, you may be wondering why concrete stands out as a great solution, and here are a few reasons: 

  • Concretes offers the flexibility in terms of design, incorporating various styles and shades
  • Concrete can be installed quicker and requires less labor than natural stone. It is also lighter
  • Concrete walls are cheaper than natural stone walls
  • Concrete walls are suitable for homes and businesses alike with their modern and clean look



You should consider having a retaining wall installed to keep your property protected, performing well, and looking nice, especially if any of the above reasons or situations resonated with you. The main takeaways about retaining walls is that they are affordable, effective, and attractive. 


At Rugged Nashville Concrete Contractors we have your best interest in mind. We take pride in creating work that both works and looks great, and we will work closely with you to ensure we meet all your construction needs. 


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